Szigetvári "Zrínyi 1566" Turisztikai Egyesület


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June 02. 2016
The Zrínyi memorial ceremony and the war games are one of the oldest traditions in the country and it is much more than a conventional festival. It creates an atmosphere where the visitors of the event can worthily think that the wheel of the time...


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Millennium statue
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Vár utca
The Millennium Monument in the park and the monument to the waiting room. István Bencsik and sculptor Sándor Dévényi public works, which were passed...
The mosque of Sultan Suleiman’s
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Zrínyi Vár
The layout of the mosque is a rectangle.  Once, the pulpit also belonged to the apparel. The stone framed, stalactit vaulted prayer room, the so...
Address: 7932 Mozsg, Batthyány u. 15.
Accessible from Pécs on Main Road No. 6 and then, at Szigetvár, taking Road No. 67 (which passes by Mozsgó). An access road, which goes to...
Zrínyi tér
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Zrínyi Tér
On the main square of the historical town, several building remind us to the past. The Lion sculpture stands on the North which was the first...