Szigetvári "Zrínyi 1566" Turisztikai Egyesület


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June 02. 2016
The Zrínyi memorial ceremony and the war games are one of the oldest traditions in the country and it is much more than a conventional festival. It creates an atmosphere where the visitors of the event can worthily think that the wheel of the time...


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Bosnian House, also known as Granary
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Radován tér 14
This is the oldest still inhabited dwelling-house which can be found next to the Szily-house. The renovated, three storey granary was built in the...
Roma Holocaust Memorial
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Deák Ferenc tér
Situated near the Turkish house, which was handed over in 2009.
Address: 7932 Mozsg, Batthyány u. 15.
Accessible from Pécs on Main Road No. 6 and then, at Szigetvár, taking Road No. 67 (which passes by Mozsgó). An access road, which goes to...
Heroes Memorial Cross of Szigetvár
Address: 7900 Szigetvár,
The memorial cross is located on the north side of the castle. A short walk away. The monument maker Szatyor Győző, inaugurated in 1996.