Traditions – Zrínyi days

The Zrínyi memorial ceremony and the war games are one of the oldest traditions in the country and it is much more than a conventional festival. It creates an atmosphere where the visitors of the event can worthily think that the wheel of the time has turned back and they are actually in a medieval castle. In this cavalcade where everything reminiscent of the Turkish age, countless traditionalist programs bring us back to the past, from war games and gastronomy to arts. The first thoughts of the Zrínyi Days originate from Ferenc Kölcsey in 1826, the 300th anniversary of the battle of Mohács. He suggested to the whole nation to pay worthy respect to the heroes of Szigetvár. The town gave heed to Kölcsey’s proposal: in every year since 1833 the town commemorates to Miklós Zrínyi and his soldiers with days of celebrations. Once it was only an ecclesiastical celebration but nowadays it has become one of the greatest events in town and the surroundings.

On the September of 1878 the Zrínyi monument was inaugurated on the Zrínyi squre and it is still the main location of the commemorations.  The town is permanently maintaining the traditions with more and more spectacular exhibitions, war games, cultural and sport events. It is not a secret that we want to provide broadening  opportunities for a pleasant pastime to our guests and the residents with more programs and recreational events.

The town of Szigetvár warmly welcomes the visitors on the Zrínyi memorial ceremony! Come and be a part of this medieval cavalcade.