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Szigetvár and its surrounding attractions

Sights, useful places - Tourist attractions in the region

Address: 7935 Ibafa, Kossuth L. u. 4.
Address: 7932 Almáskeresztúr, Fő u. 53.
Located north of Szigetvár, this tiny settlement can be accessed on Road No. 67, through Mozsgó. Here you will find the Kammerer Mansion, which...
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Domolospuszta
Driving from Pécs towards Szigetvár on Road No. 6 then continuing on Road No. 67, and then turning right once you have left the town (in the...
Address: 7936 Szentlászló, Petőfi u. 1.
Visit Szentlászló where the country’s first Cornhusk Museum opened its gates in 2006. The collection consists of approx. 250 pieces. The village also...
Address: 7934 Almamellék,
The village is located in the Zselic Hills, 16 km from Szigetvár and 4 km away from the point where the road leading to Szentlászló branches off from...
Address: 7922 Patapoklosi, Rákóczi u.50.
In Patapoklosi, you can visit the local church which features the most beautiful coffered ceiling in this region. 
Address: 7921 Somogyhatvan, Kossuth u. 60.
Sellő (Mermaid) Fish Pond in Somogyhatvan. On the shore of this artificial lake, there is a restaurant which offers an impressive view to the...
Address: 7925 Somogyhárságy, Rákóczi u. 2.
This village is located about 20 km from Szigetvár, north of the town and west of Road No. 67. Each year, at Pentecost, ‘Peasant Olympics’ are...
Address: 7925 Magyarlukafa, Fő u. 44.
Located north of Szigetvár close to the county border, this tiny ‘dead-end village’ (dead-end villages are at the end of a secondary road which...
Address: 7555 Csokonyavistona, Üdülősor 1.
Four Seasons Spa Resort (Négy Évszak Termálüdülő) The Four Seasons Spa Resort is located in Csokonyavisonta, near the thermal bath which can be...
Address: 7937 Boldogasszonyfa, Kossuth u. 24.
It is situated in the varied and hilly southern part of the Zselic Hills, on the border of Somogy and Baranya Counties. Since it is a natural habitat...
Address: 7932 Mozsg, Batthyány u. 15.
Accessible from Pécs on Main Road No. 6 and then, at Szigetvár, taking Road No. 67 (which passes by Mozsgó). An access road, which goes to...
Address: 7681 Hetvehely, Rákóczi u. 36.
Geographically, the village is situated on the border of the Mecsek Mountains and Zselic Hills, but it is a part of the Zselic Hills. Hetvehely is 25...
Address: 7932 Almáskeresztúr, Fő u 28
The farm’s key activities include the production of seasonally spiced hard and soft goat cheese and the sale of home-made goat milk and meat...
Address: 7682 Bükkösd, Külterület hrsz. 066/2
Guests may take a look at the animals living in a system of holding pens, which are set up in a valley in the territory of this 550-hectare park, or...