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Szigetvár and its surrounding attractions

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Address: 7682 Bükkösd, Külterület hrsz. 066/2
Guests may take a look at the animals living in a system of holding pens, which are set up in a valley in the territory of this 550-hectare park, or...
Szigetvári Hotel Kumilla***
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Olay Lajos u. 6.
Located in the south of Baranya County, 33 km away from the county seat, the town of Szigetvár earned its well-deserved reputation during the Ottoman...
Szigetvári Gyöngy Vendégház
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Istvánffy u. 7.
The guesthouse is located in a small street of Szigetvár, close to the bus terminal, 600 meters away from the Thermal Bath.  This establishment...
Szigetvári Novák Pince
Address: 3712 Szigetvár, Szőlőhegy hrsz: 3712.
This family business was launched in 1993 by means of purchasing a more than 150-year-old cellar. Above the cellar, there is restaurant with a...
Szigetvári Szeráj Étterem és Panzió
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Kossuth tér 3.
Built in 2003, this inn is located just 200 meters from the town centre, next to a quiet park. The inn features an exclusive restaurant with a...
Szigetvári Anita Vendégház
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Vár utca 11/1
This establishment awaits guests wishing to relax in the historic setting of Szigetvár.  The guesthouse is located in the town’s historic...
Szigetvári Éva Apartman
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Akácos út.8
This apartment is located in the north-western part of the town at an 8-minute walk from the Castle and Thermal Bath. It is accessible by car and has...
Szigetvári Zsuzsi Apartman
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Széchenyi u. 61.
This apartment is situated in the main street of Szigetvár, near the town centre, the Castle and the Thermal Bath (3-8 minute walk). This lodging is...
Szigetvári Vilmoscsászár Apartman
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, Szabadság u.1.
This apartment house is located in the town centre and is managed as a family business. Currently, the 8 apartments sleep a total of 17 people. If...
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, József Attila u.63.
Are you interested in the Bavarian lifestyle? Visit us then! You can find a piece of Bavaria in south-west Hungary.
Address: 7934 Almamellék, Sasrét-puszta
In the Zselic Hills, in the middle of a long-stretching valley, visitors may find a hunting lodge (today operating as a guesthouse), originally built...
Address: 7932 Almáskeresztúr, Fő u. 14.
A Porovica Vendégház festői környezetben, a Porovica-patak völgyében, az ország egyik legcsendesebb településén, Almáskeresztúron található. A...