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7934 Almamellék

(73) 514 102



The village is located in the Zselic Hills, 16 km from Szigetvár and 4 km away from the point where the road leading to Szentlászló branches off from Road No. 67. Here you will find a Forest Railway Museum. A narrow-gauge railway transports visitors to Sasrét; during the train ride, tourists can admire the region’s flora and fauna. Tourist attractions include a hunting lodge and hunting castle in Sasrét. The fish pond in Almamellék is one of the favourites of local anglers.

Tourist attractions in the town:

  • Memorial for Displaced and Deported People,
  • Roman Catholic Church,
  • St. Florian statue,
  • St. Vendel statue,
  • World War I and II Memorials,
  • Residential building classified as a protected architectural monument (12 Kossuth Street),
  • Railway History Museum,
  • Centennial Memorial Tree,
  • Narrow-gauge railway,
  • Hunting lodge (Sasrét),
  • Ancient beech forest (Sasrét),
  • Springs with a developed area (Almás, Jámborka and Cigány Springs)
  • Remains of an old glass melting furnace (in Németlukafa)
  • Biedermann Castle (in Szentmártonpuszta)