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The mosque of Sultan Suleiman’s

The mosque of Sultan Suleiman’s
  • The mosque of Sultan Suleiman’s

7900 Szigetvár, Zrínyi Vár

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The layout of the mosque is a rectangle.  Once, the pulpit also belonged to the apparel. The stone framed, stalactit vaulted prayer room, the so called mihrab -which was once covered with tiles- can be seen on the ’Mecca facing’side of the wall.  The temple had a gallery which was set up again nowadays.  The mosque has first class acustic, it is an excellent concert hall. It is surrounded by an L-shaped corridor and on its southeast side there is another mihrab. On the northwest side, a 14-angled minaret attaches to the mosque. It stands on a square footing and was built of flat Turkish brick. In former times, a 110 steps winding staircase led up to the circular balcony. Currently it has 35 oak stairs. In the 18th century, the greater part of the minaret collapsed, most probably it was hit by a thunderstruck.