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Turkish House

Turkish House
  • Szigetvár TörökházTurkish House

7900 Szigetvár, Bástya utca 3.

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00
Admission: 300, - HUF / person, free entrance Várbelépővel
Other information: Zrinski Castle availabilities

Opening times:
Tuesday – Wednesday: 9am - 15pm

The caravan serail is a unique building in the country. Some say that it was functioning as a school, others  think it was made for catering purposes. The two storey building was built in the Turkish era  and it is the only preserved Turk dwelling-house from the Hungarian occupation-age. The building was renewed by the assistance of the Turkish state and a great exhibition has been installed. It is actualizing the 16th century Turkish house from the legacy list of Ali Celebi Turkish defterdar (tax collector). Guests can view the common room, the dining table, the kitchen, the fireplace and everyday household objects along with lifelike figures. Beside these,  visitors can learn about coffee- and bath culture, calligraphy, ceramics-, glass- and miniatures art.